CREA THREA trains local inhabitants in post-conflict areas as Crea Thera workers.

Crea Thera workers provide a durable offer of creative music and art workshops for the local community. A first training-course is at present running in the Srebrenica area in Bosnia Herzegovina, where workshops music and art have been on offer for a long time for children and youngsters, provided by experienced foreign creative therapists.

The present training-course starts out of a holistic vision. Apart from general psychological training there is also an input out of several perspectives. Local trainees work in the community (children, youngsters, psychiatric day patients, etc..) and thus construct the organisation. Basic elements of music- and art therapy get integrated in a communal music and art tender. In a country where still remains a major taboo on the asking- and offering of therapy, the threshold needs to be lowered.

Experienced therapists from all over the world support the training and shaping of local Crea Thera workers with their expertise during regular weekly training courses and interim supervision- and interim meetings. In this way a local network is created which forms and develops itself permanently.


Mission of the organization is peace-building and conflict prevention in post-conflict areas in the region of Srebrenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

  • Empowerment: the development of a sustainable creative and therapeutic offer to stimulate creativity in post-conflict generations.
  • Providing psychological support to the most vulnerable groups: children, people with mental and physical disabilities, psychiatric day care patients.
  • Conflict prevention by bringing people with different ethnic background together.
  • Capacity building: offering creative and therapeutic basic knowledge and methodology and training and coaching local staff.