Dear Mrs, Mr

We would like to take this opportunity and present ourselves and the work we do in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Srebrenica and kindly ask for your help and support to continue work that has been successfully run for 11 years.

Crea Thera provides psychological support to the most vulnerable groups, such as children, people with mental and physical disabilities and psychiatric day care patients, while fostering mutual cooperation, understanding and creativity through music and art therapy.

In a society where asking for and offering therapy remains a taboo, our objective is to integrate basic elements of music and art rehabilitation into school curriculum’s and programs of mental health institutions. At the moment, Crea Thera is collaborating with Mental Health Center in Srebrenica and Vlasenica where it regularly holds music and art therapy workshops. In addition, its team members are working with children in the region, providing creative workshops for children and youth in Srebrenica,Skelani and Potocari. Work with children and youth is based on bringing topic of Mental Health closer to them and how to properly take care of it.

At the moment we are also trying to find support to expand our work to Zvornik region and offer our music and art therapy to their Mental Health Center. Our work has been proven as an very successful and helpful for the clients in ways of communication, integration in society, creativity and regaining lost respect.

Does your programm support music and art therapy workshops projects, work that descibes us? Do you know other ways that you could help us?

If your program does support our work field, we attached a Crea Thera Letter in PDF which you can download simply by pressing on the link.

This year we created a video about the work we do. Please take a look to understand more about Crea Thera work and benefits from it.

We Hope you will find our work valuable! Let us know what do you think about it and if you are interested to support this project by sending us an email! Thank you!

Yours sincerely,

Crea Thera Team Srebrenica

Ul. Reufa Selmanagica 3

75430 Srebrenica

Bosnia and Herzegovina