Crea Thera is an organization working on the empowerment and development of a sustainable coaching and therapeutic offer in the Birac region. Following the war in BiH, Crea Thera became active with the objective to rebuild the community. The aim is to restore and stimulate the creativity of post-conflict generations and to advocate for community based alternative services that are forgotten and not integrated within institutional systems, such as music and art therapy for vulnerable groups (children, people with mental health issues, learning and physical disabilities and psychiatric day care patients).

According to statistics Bosnia and Herzegovina takes among the last steps in development when it comes to mental health. There is no enough money integrated in this sector to reduce psycho-somatic problems in post-conflict societies that experienced not only war trauma, but also economic and democratic deprivation. Also, when it comes to the mental health and well-being of community members, there is no organization working on social inclusion in the area of mental health.

From 2005 we see the growth of the users of mental health centres were Crea Thera is working. In Srebrenica now there are 200 registered users of the Mental Health Centre. The team is offering an occupational therapy combined with drawing, music and playing. Throughout the workshops we prepare the program focusing on how to take engagement in public and we believe that it is important to integrate the whole community in the process of learning about mental health well-being in post-conflict society.

Concretely, we noticed during the work, that when it comes to therapy and maintenance of mental health users of daily centres that they are confronted with invalidation from the surrounding society labelling users of mental health centers as sick and incapable persons. Thus, throughout the creative music and art workshops patients and children with disabilities have the possibility to enjoy a less stressful environment where they can learn new skills and articulate better their thoughts toward the broader society. It is our aim to integrate and break this societal barrier and stigma of the users of mental health centres in Podrinje region and to bring closer the challenges of day patients to community.