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Annual Report 2017

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Mental Health Care Fair in Bijeljina


Crea Thera is an organization working on the empowerment and development of a sustainable coaching and therapeutic offer in the Birac region. Following the war in BiH, Crea Thera became active with the objective to rebuild the community. The aim is to restore and stimulate the creativity of post-conflict generations and to advocate for community based alternative services that are forgotten and not integrated within institutional systems, such as music and art therapy for vulnerable groups (children, people with mental health issues, learning and physical disabilities and psychiatric day care patients).

Workshops held in 2017


Crea Thera Space


Mental Health Care


Rural area




Different therapy goals were worked through playing on different instruments: improving of self-esteem and self-awareness through vocal coaching, improving of group cohesion and self-awareness by playing in bands, improving of self-awareness by learning different improvisation methods, dealing with emotions through different music exercises, increasing of feeling responsibility by playing in bands.


Different exercises with new materials trigger their fantasy and creativity - finding creative solutions in the art making process, working on self-esteem and concentration, working together – respecting each other, waiting and looking for each other, dealing with boundaries, working with emotions, sculptures on the theme avant-garde, mandala, perfect day, family, mother, new techniques, recycling items.

The Body and Soul Matrix

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